Faculty Deadlines & Events








  • CUR Fellow award nominations are usually due in December. CUR Fellows are leaders and role models for a broad range of faculty and students. Joseph Gallian became a CUR Fellow in 2002, and is the only CUR fellow from our division.



  • CUR Quarterly submissions of a short prospectus submissions (300-500 words) describing the focus of a proposed article or vignette. The winter deadline is usually early January.
  • CUR Dialogues allow faculty and administrators to interact with federal agency program officers in Washington, DC, usually in mid-February. Registration deadlines is late January or early February.





  • CUR Annual Business Meeting for elected councilors. Usually held in late June or early July.
  • CUR Biennial Conference brings together faculty, staff, administrators, policymakers, representatives of funding agencies, and other stakeholders with an interest in conducting and promoting undergraduate research. Usually held in even years late June or early July.