About CUR MCS Blog

The Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Division of CUR maintains a blog with contributions related to undergraduate research relevant to these disciplines. We welcome contributions from both CUR members and from other guest authors. If you or someone you know is interested in contributing to our blog, please contact our Blog Editorial Board:

  • Kristin, Website editor
  • Katharine, Blog editor

Contribute to the CUR MCS Division Blog!

Blog Norms

  • Blog posts will relate to undergraduate research in mathematics, computer science, or statistics
  • Blog posts will be short (roughly between 500 and 750 words); longer posts may be broken down into a series of posts if appropriate
  • Blog post submissions must include a title, a blog post, and several relevant images
  • Blog title and post should be contributed in a Google Doc or a Microsoft Word .docx format (will be converted into a Good Doc document) and high resolution images must be included as separate files
  • Blog posts authors must include a high resolution headshot (including at least head and shoulders) and short author biography (roughly 100 words or less)
  • Blog posts will be edited using Google Docs/Drive collaboration tools including the suggestions/comments mode