Members of the CUR Mathematics and Computer Science Division have been active in the formation of a Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America (SIGMAA) on Undergraduate Research as a bridge between CUR and the MAA.

Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Mathematics, in the Age of Physical Isolation

The purpose of UR SIGMAA is to promote and broaden participation in undergraduate research in mathematics by supporting faculty serving as mentors and by supporting interested students.  Specific objectives include

  • Facilitating discussion among mathematicians and mathematics educators interested in undergraduate research.
  • Promoting undergraduate research within the MAA, through greater awareness of the work in this area currently underway, and by providing encouraging members to become involved.
  • Providing development opportunities for faculty interested in beginning work in undergraduate research.
  • Recognizing accomplishment in undergraduate research in mathematics.

You can learn more about the SIGMAA and how to join at http://www.maa.org/community/sigmaas